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How to Choose the Proper Romertopf Clay Baker

Cooks looking to make delicious, healthy, easy dishes have fallen in love with clay bakers. The secret to the success? Porous, unglazed, terra-cotta earthenware that allows hot air and moisture to combine and cook food (similar to steaming) with no extra liquid, fat, or oil. Soak the top and bottom of the baker in water for 10 to 15 minutes and add desired ingredients. Place in a cold oven, set the temperature, and let it go. (Standard recipes can often be made clay-baker friendly by increasing the temperature by 100 degrees and subtracting 30 minutes of cooking time.)

Not sure which bakers fit your needs? Peruse our lineup and choose from there. Whether you've got a family to feed or are going solo, there's a clay baker for you.

Romertopf Clay Baker, 3-5 Lbs. ($47.99)
Best For: Chicken, fish, soups, desserts, and more for 1 to 4 people-perfect for couples or for bringing to a barbecue.
Highlights:: Just big enough (1.5 quarts of cooking space) to cook and serve a full meal on a slightly smaller scale.

Romertopf Clay Baker, 4-6 Lbs. ($55.99)
Best For: A small- to medium-sized chicken and accompanying vegetables for 2 to 4 people.
Highlights:: Three quarts of cooking space.

Romertopf Clay Baker, 14 Lbs. ($69.99)
Best For: A large chicken with accompanying vegetables for 4 to 6 people-great for families.
Highlights:: Four quarts of cooking space.

Romertopf Clay Baker, 17.5 Lbs. ($99.99)
Best For: A large chicken or medium- to large-sized turkey-perfect for large gatherings and holidays.
Highlights:: The largest baker in the collection with 6.5 quarts of cooking space.

Multi-Functional Romertopf, Square ($51.99)
Best For: The Multi-Functional Romertopf, Square serves 2-4 people and holds 2 quarts.
Highlights:: Design makes oven-to-table serving easy.

Modern Romertopf ($51.99)
Best For: Cooking 6 to 8 pounds of food for 4 to 6 people-a perfectly versatile choice for families.
Highlights:: A new addition to the baker line with a sleek, contemporary look.

Romertopf Chicken Roaster ($54.99)
Best For: A chicken (up to 8 pounds) and vegetables.
Highlights:: The unique upright position, and heat-retaining stoneware, cooks the bird from the inside. Vegetables cook in the well below, and carving can be done on the roaster.

Romertopf 40th Anniversary Clay Baker, Medium ($67.99)
Best For: Cooking dishes for a large family, a barbecue, a holiday, or other multiple-guest get-together.
Highlights:: One of the newer additions to the clay baker line.

Romertopf Clay Garlic Baker ($23.99)
Best For: Roasting a clove of garlic-slice off the top of the clove, brush with olive oil, and bake.
Highlights:: Glazed inside with a salt-based glaze. Simple and quick.

Romertopf Rectangular Clay Bread Baker ($39.99)
Best For: Baking French or Italian bread.
Highlights:: Perfect for baking a rustic loaf.

Romertopf Fish Baker ($55.99)
Best For: Cooking fish of all varieties with vegetables for 2 to 4 people.
Highlights:: Glazed with a salt-based glaze.

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